Wedding Vows

photo by Rachel Parker

photo by Rachel Parker

Our wedding was not just about recognizing the love that was growing between us. It was about the joining of family and sharing of vows with our tribe. Our community, as one forest together, lending support and blessings in the many winds of life. We shared private words to one another while our community passed our rings around in a "ring warming"- to bless them with prayer and intention.  Below are the public vows that we exchanged.  

On this day I take you as my husband.  

  • I promise to love and care for you, and to be worthy of your love and care.
  • I promise to live in integrity with you, and to communicate fully and fearlessly.
  • I promise to continue to grow with you, to challenge you, and to nurture your continued growth.
  • I promise to learn with you, to listen to your wise heart and to share my own. 
  • I promise to invest in you, to continue to feed the fire of passion, insight, and creativity that nourishes us both. 
  • I will keep my sense of humor when times are tough. 
  • I will always see the best in you and believe in you.
  • I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever the adventure of life will lead us, together from this day forward.

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