Building Our Team

The African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" has never resonated as much as it does today. Only, in our case, the saying is more like "it takes a village to create a child"  We need so much support in order to make this happen. I have daily doubts if it is even possible. Can we really do this? As we continue learning about the surrogacy process, we also keep discovering the multitude of people who need to be involved in order to make this a reality for us.

Our team will consist of the two of us, the egg donor, the surrogate, the surrogate's family, the medical team, the legal team, the surrogacy match coordinator, and of course, all of you: friends, family, co-workers, and fellow travelers of this earth whom we have never met.

We had coffee with the videographers today. They too will play a big role in helping us craft, document, and share our process. It seems so exposing and scary to think about sharing this process in such a public forum, and yet, it feels so very important. It helps me to think about these posts as letters to our unborn kiddo. I want them to know how beautiful and special their birth story is, and how the kindness and care of our village made it possible for them to come into this world.

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