What Not to Say to Guys Struggling to Become Dads

It's not easy to be a parent-in-waiting. We spend every day thinking about something we want so much, to add children to our family through surrogacy. But we're at a point in our journey that there's no measurable progress most days. It can be difficult sometimes even just seeing a random family on the street and wishing that it were us.

We have no doubt that we'll be fathers some day, but it sometimes feels like Christmas Eve used to, back when we were 7 years old, only this is the longest Dec. 24th ever.

In conversations with friends and strangers who are already parents, we've noticed some trends. People who are already parents sometimes suggest that maybe this whole parent thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. We know it's not going to be easy—it's already taken us much more work than most families—but it can sometimes be disheartening to hear the following phrases from folks who are already parents.

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