About Us

We are two guys in love and ready for the adventure of fatherhood. 

We live in Portland, Oregon. We met online in the summer of 2008 while Kirk was working at a lodge in Talkeetna, Alaska. Anthony had just moved to Portland to work as a barista. Kirk wasn't sure if he would return to Portland after that summer, but after many emails, online chats, and Skype conversations, it turned out that Anthony gave him a good reason to come back and start a whole new journey in the "City of Roses."

Early in our relationship, it became clear how much we both hoped to be fathers some day. We had both already had experiences with babies and children. We instinctually knew how profoundly life altering it would be for us to raise kids together. After we were married in 2013, we started to explore what our path to fatherhood might look like.

After lots of conversations and research, we have decided to pursue gestational surrogacy to start our family. We're excited to be taking the first steps towards this goal. Thanks for joining us.  Follow our journey here. 

Kirk and Anthony's online dating profile pictures from 2008